Urotsukidoji – Legend of the Overfiend (EN)

Quick review: Holy shit-balls!
Any honest review of this mini-series must start with that sort of a statement because frankly this particular piece of animation deserves it.
I’m a big fan of animation in general and of anime in particular, and I like to consider myself an avid anime fan, in the sense that I enjoy watching good anime movies and series, I don’t just watch anything and everything in the genre – I’m looking at you anything that ends in “mon”, Pokemon, Digimon, Crappymon; that being said it is worth mentioning that I am also quite the avid fan of hentai, which anyone who is even tangentially familiar with the genre will know what I’m talking about.
So very recently I heard about a certain anime movie which had quite the impact at its launch at the end of the eighties and no, it wasn’t Akira (mental note: must re-watch Akira and review), it was Urotsukid?ji or Legend of the Overfiend, a title of which I was completely oblivious about till then, and hoo-boy what weird-fest I was missing.
Like any good anime this one is also based on a manga and from what I understand there are quite a few differences between them in regards to… pretty much everything, but those things are bound to happen and I’m talking about the anime anyway, just giving a bit of trivia.
So apparently there are actually three realms of existence, one inhabited by humans, one inhabited by demons and another one inhabited by man-beasts, whatever the hell those are. Anyway, every three thousand years the realms are united together by the re-appearance of the Overfiend, a sort of almighty Boss God whom you usually have to defeat after nine stages of lesser gods in a video game.
That’s enough background let’s get to the interesting part, not saying that the plot isn’t interesting, far from it actually, the plot revolves around a man-beast called Amano Jyaku and his quest to find and protect the Overfiend. The story has the basic twists and turns one might expect from any decent story out there, red herrings, characters who die and then re-appear and just the tiniest smidge of character development, all of which are sprinkled in abundance with extremely graphic and rather entertaining sex scenes.
And that’s where the impact of the series came from, especially to the Western viewers of the time, the very explicit nature of the sex scenes is really something to behold especially in the late eighties style of anime. The modern hentai aficionado will be quite used to most things seen in “The Legend of the Overfiend” including the tentacle-rape scene which as far as I could research it, was the first of its genre. However, even that type of experienced viewer might still get surprised during the mini-series mostly because of the gigantic tentacle penises that absorb pedestrians… yeah you read right: gigantic-wiggling-people-absorbing-penises.
The series consists of three episodes and by the half-way mark through the second one it reached a solid 9.0 on my weird shit-o-meter (I have one of those as well), and it stayed up there till the end. I understand there’s a theatrical release version of the movie with lots of the juicy stuff cut out and some other stuff put in or modified, I watched the original Japanese stuff the way it’s supposed to be, accept no substitutes.
I should also mention that the movie, or mini-series or whatever, also features some typically anime fighting scenes which would become standard procedure over the coming decade, super-powers, special attacks, that sort of stuff.
The movie should be considered as being in a category of its own, and in that place it’s great, it’s not Ghost in the Shell great, or Princess Mononoke great, but great nonetheless and should be viewed by anyone who enjoys the genre as an interesting precursor to modern anime and especially hentai.
Stefan Eremia

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