Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (EN)

Quick review: Bad title, lame story, good fights.
This is a good example of how crossing over characters doesn’t always work out. Batman The Brave and the Bold is a great example of how this can work but that is a very different kind of animal since it’s a TV series.
I need to come right out with it and say that “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse” is just a badly designed title; I mean it’s a title with a slash in it, is it Superman or Batman? What the hell happened to “and”? Mind you “Superman and Batman: Apocalypse” wouldn’t look a whole lot better either but at least it would make some type of sense since the movie features both of them. Also, what about Wonder Woman? She’s in this too you misogynistic bastards.
Plot synopsis… sort of
So anyway, to make a bad story short, Superman’s cousin, Kerra, crashes to Earth and she’s a teenager. Batman finds her and subdues her but doesn’t take much of a liking to her – on the other hand he barely likes anybody so no surprise there. Krypto doesn’t like her either so Batman’s skepticism and cynicism appear to have some backing in the animal kingdom – oh yes I forgot to mention we get to see Krypto in this flick… you know Krypto, Superman’s dog, yeah weird choice.
We get a quick info dump via Batman’s Bat-computer and we find out that she metabolizes sunlight more efficiently than Supes so she might prove to be stronger than him and the fact that she’s a teenager who can’t control the powers bestowed to her by Earth’s yellow sun combined with her sudden arrival makes Batman think there are other machinations at work.
So after a really bad montage – yeah a montage in an animated movie in 2010 – and a decent fight scene, they ship her to Amazon camp where she can train to harness her powers with beings of close to equal strength. After two months training, exactly when both Batman and Superman find themselves on Themyscira to inspect Kerra’s development the place is attacked by Darkseid’s minions – Doomsday clones – because he wants Kerra to be his new Captain of the Guard – points to Batman, sort of.
You can see where this is going from now on, she’s kidnapped, the trio then form a rescue party and with some help from Barda, go to Apocalypse – Darkeseid’s molten-asteroid-fortress-death trap planetoid thing – they eventually save Kerra – of course only after she is brainwashed by Darkseid, wears a goth costume and black eye liner and fights with Supes.
The story is by far the movie’s weakest link, there’s barely any plot beyond what we might expect from these characters: Superman is glad to have another Kryptonian to hang out with, even more-so a relative, Batman is always suspicious of any ulterior motives and Wonder Woman’s hot.

The movie does shine when it comes down to the fights and the fight choreography especially, and there are quite a few fights in this one.
We get a massive Amazon versus Doomsday clones fight where Superman and Batman join the fray but what sets this movie’s fights apart from most other superhero outings is the sheer number of super powered cat-fights, which I have to say are a breath of fresh air and the sight of lots of chicks – even animated ones – fighting and hugging is plain awesome.
In conclusion, it’s a bit of a mixed bag, lame plot, good fights, it has a few funny lines here and there, it’s nothing extraordinary nor bad, it’s just average, only watch it if you can’t watch a really good animated DC story like Batman: Under the Red Hood – but more on that in a future review.
P.S. Of course Batman pimps through the whole movie being awesome and staying true to form.

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